Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Magic Item: Horn of Plenty

“Nimble!” yelled the barkeep across the taproom. “I told you not to use that blasted horn in here again!” Wiping her hands on her apron, she stomped around the bar, snagging a pitcher of ale as she went.

The far corner table went quiet, and everyone sitting around it looked anywhere but at the rogue in the corner.

“Mel, I was just showing these fine travelers the amazing artifact we found down in the depths of that old barrow mound.”

“You’re going to pay me for all of that food, or you’re going to give me that damned horn.”

“Now now, this horn is enchanted, and may be something of a bane to you, but I have it on the highest authority that there is nothing demonic about it.”

“Nimble...” Mel growled. “So help me, I will-”

Holding up his hands Nimble surrendered. “Mel you know I am only too happy to slip some coins your way! Especially when I am so clearly in the wrong.”

After Mel returned to the bar Nimble whispered to his table-mates “I love the woman’s ale, but her cooking?”

Horn of Plenty

Once per day this horn can summon a feast appropriate to it’s current location, providing enough food for 8 people. Anyone partaking of the meal must make a saving throw or suffer a -2 penalty to initiative, saving throws, and attack rolls due to the overstuffed feeling caused by the magical feast.

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