Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Way back when, before I ever picked up a d20, there was HeroQuest. I played that game like only an obsessive preteen can. Not only did I play, I made up my own adventures, treasure, buy-able items, and even some variant monsters. I painted every mini that came in the set, as well as the expansion boxes. And those minis have seen lots of use over the years in many many D&D games.

Recently I was handed a complete copy, practically new. It's beautiful.

I actually feel a little bad that in the couple of weeks I've had it, I haven't done anything but look at it.

Was HeroQuest anyone else's gateway to Dungeons and Dragons or mini painting?


  1. I have some fond memories of my brother running me through some of the quests (on the kitchen table) back when we were kids.

    At the time I'd already dabbled with games like the red-box D&D and rogue-trader 40K - so it wasn't my gateway into the hobby, but I think it still serves as a benchmark for dungeon crawler games to this very day.

  2. HeroQuest is the reason I started playing D&D and eventually any RPG I could get my hands on. She was my gateway drug and I've held onto my copy for decades.

    Just a couple of months ago, my 6-year old nephew tried it out for the first time and loved it so much he cried when he had to stop playing and go home.

  3. Together with the Fighting Fantasy Books this got me started with roleplaying. Played it first at a friend's birthday party where he allowed me to be Morcar for two missions and I was hooked. This also placed me thoroughly in the DM seat and I have DMed since the late 80s for most of the time.

  4. I still have all my Heroquest scenery. I use it regular when running fantasy rpg campaign to this day.

    You sir, are a jammy, jammy, man!

  5. HeroQuest was definitely my gateway game... though I never painted the minis. Ah... fond memories.

  6. Oh my god, I've been trying to remember the name of this freaking game for a while now. HeroQuest was my first and only experience at playing a tabletop RPG. My older brother owned a copy and we played it one night at his and his wife's place when I was younger, and a couple of years later, he gave me the game. I never played it again, but read the DM's book and set up the board for fun. I think it is one of the reasons why I tend to prefer RPGs whenever I play video games and possibly why I like reading fantasy.


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