Monday, May 21, 2012

Kobold Bones

This weekend I took a little bit of time to put some paint on the Reaper Bones kobolds that I got at the same time as the Werewolf and Purple Worm.

These three were painted with reaper rust paint. I found the coverage to be much better than with the GW paints! If reaper really expands their selection I'm going to have to shift my paints collection away from GW paints to reaper paints. Now, I don't have any of the foundation paints, so I'm not sure how well those would work.

The other 3 were primed with GW black primer.

However, I found that painting the unprimed minis with the reaper paints was a much more pleasant experience! I was shocked, but pleased.

Painting over the reaper rust paint with GW paints was easy, and a bit more pleasant than painting over the primer. Now, that may have been because in my haste I didn't give the primer a good long time to dry...

More to come...

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