Friday, May 11, 2012

Werewolf & Purple Worm

With not too much tweaking this post’s title could become very naughty. Luckily for you the worm is the Purple Worm from Reaper mini, and specifically the one from the new Bones line. If you don’t know, the Bones line is made from unpainted flexible plastic designed to be used without primer.

Because I was curious, I picked up 3 packs to try them out: werewolf, purple worm, and kobolds. The purple worm is quite a bit bigger than your average mini, and had it been the metal version it would have cost over $20 (the metal one comes with a tail bit that the bones version doesn’t) and had it been a GW Finecast it probably would have been closer to $40 (without the tail). The figure itself was a good cast, with only a slight mold line. The base was ever so slightly warped, so when I glued it to a slightly larger base, I had to bend it a little to make it work. Alternately I could have used a little greenstuff to fill the gap. As I was feeling lazy I just bent and held it until it was dry.

The werewolf is a typical 28mm heroic scale mini. The sculpted fur was well done, and practically begged for drybrushing. As with the purple worm, there was only a very minor mold line, and as before I opted to ignore it. I also glued it to a base, in spite of it having one molded on. In this case it was more to give me something a bit more substantial to hold onto while painting rather than any need of the figure itself. The base will also help it fit in with my other minis.

The 6 kobolds consist of two copies of three sculpts. This isn’t a problem, especially given how many you tend to need at one time. I haven’t looked too closely at them, but they seem to be of the same quality as the other two, just smaller. Very minor mold lines, and the built in bases are already square. They are attached to their sprew, which is interesting, and will give me the opportunity to see how well the plastic cuts. I’m also thinking about trying to re-pose one of the little guys with the shield.

Next time, painting them!

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  1. Oh, yes...PLEASE tell us how they paint. I've wanted to buy a couple of these, but have resisted because of a bad experience painting GW plastic minis "back in the day."
    I'd also like to see how visible (if at all) the mold line(s) become once the paint hits them. If these truly are this maintenance-free, I may have a new hole in my wallet.


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