Monday, May 3, 2010

Möbius Dungeon - part 3

Ok, I'm not sure anyone has looked at the mobius dungeon download, and since I don't have a way to make it into a PDF at the moment (anyone care to help with that?) I'm going to post the info here.

Special Rules:
Bending Time and Space: Due to the warping nature of the dungeon, time does not pass in a linear fashion. When entering a previously explored area roll a d6. 1-2 Room Resets to before the players first entered. 3-4 Time has passed normally. 5-6 Time has passed at an accelerated rate - roll a d4 and a d30. If the d4 result is a 1 the d30 result is the number of days that have passed. On a 2 it is weeks, on a 3 months, and on a 4 years.

Features Key
A: This stairwell will disappear until the key is found
B+C: Adventurers can wrap around at these 2 points. There is nothing to indicate they have flipped.
P: Pit trap will drop adventurers 20 feet into the corresponding room on the opposite side of the map.
S: This stairway goes both up and down to the corresponding room. It will seem to travel about 100’ in either direction through solid stone.

The Key – A golden amulet in the shape of a Borromean Ring that continually emits a golden light as per the continual light spell. Then the light shines on the wall to the stair case the wall will disappear, revealing the stairs.

Adventurers may encounter jack up to 3 times. The first time Jack will be middle aged, and will remember the adventurers. The 2nd time Jack will be young and this will be his first meeting with the group. The last meeting will be with Jack as an old man. Young Jack may accompany the adventurers for a short while before disappearing. Middle aged Jack will blame the group for abandoning him. Older Jack will have an understanding as he has now encountered several groups over time.
Young Jack Human F1
Middle Jack Human F2/C2
Old Jack Human F3/C4

Room Key:

1. Entry Room

2. Statue Room: A scholar in academic robes holding a compass in one hand and an abacus in the other.

3. empty

4. Music Room: J. S. Bach’s Canon 1 a 2 from “Musical Offering” is inscribed upon the wall at chest height, and plays forwards and backwards at the same time:

5. Balcony Room: Overlooks room 8. A red curtain hangs behind the balcony as a backdrop and a chalkboard sits in front of it. A Mummy Shaman (6th level) stands writing various formulas upon the chalkboard. The mummy is adorned with 4,000gp worth of jewelry.

6. empty

7. Stairwell goes up and down to room 30.

8. Rows of wooden chairs are arranged facing the balcony, and seated in them are 8 wights and 6 ghouls. One is armed with a Kopesh (normal sword) +1, +4 vs Lycanthropes.

9. Each wall is painted with M.C. Escher style paintings in red, black, and gold paints.

10. empty

11. Camped out: Jack may be encountered here with a bedroll, small heatstone, and his equipment. Ceiling appears open to a starscape.

12. Glass Room: The walls, floor and ceiling as all covered completely in bits of broken clear glass.

13. Buzzzz – Room filled with junk and oil beetle shells. 8 Robber Flies. Large chunk of amber with

14. Mirror Room: The walls are lined with mirrors, and everyone in the room is constantly under the effect of Mirror Image

15. Check in: There is a counter running along the west wall, and there appears to be one door on the north wall. The door will not open until the guest book is signed. Every time the door is opened roll a die. On an even roll the door opens to room 15a. On an odd roll it opens to room 16.
15a. Cell: Stone cell, shackled skeletons,

16. Restful stop: This room is furnished as a high class hotel room with 3 large beds.

17. Curtained Alcoves: each with 2 benches and a table.

18. Waterfall: Water runs down the walls in the SE corner, pooling shallowly.

19. Statuary: Hooded medusa who carves small stone miniatures.

20. Touching the door handle opens a pit trap 20’ down to room 40.

21. empty

22. Troll lair – 8 trolls are roasting a kobold over a small smoky fire. Each troll is wearing an item of jewelry – 5,000gp collar, 3,000 gp anklet, 7,500 gp earrings, and a 20,000 gp tiara. The rest are junk items.

23. Corridor is completely flooded unless fountain in room 46 is fixed

24. One way only: Both one way doors are hidden.

25. empty

26. Dining Room: 9 large round tables w/ 8 chairs each, set for afternoon tea are set up on the ceiling. Reverse Gravity is in effect. Pulling the tablecloth out from any of the tables successfully returns gravity to normal. 2d4 oil beetles.

27. Math Sucks: North and East walls covered in mathematical nonsense.

28. Scooby Doo: Anyone entering any of the doors on the east or west wall will emerge 1 round later from a random door.

29. Study: Walls lined with shelves with puzzles and blank books. One way door is undetectable from this room.

30. Stairwell: Stone stair goes up and down to room 7.

31. Chapel:

32. Place to sit: A long stone bench flanked by strange armor suits

33. Play? Enigmatic youth with basketball on a half court.

34. Ouroboros: This circular chamber is decorated entirely in snake motifs. An Ouroboros is inscribed around the center 10’ of the room. A Caecilia sits coiled in the back of the room around a heatstone, sucking on its tail, looking like a statue. Roll for surprise. There is a chest w/ 7,000cp, 1,000sp, 300gp,

35. Gallery: Strange geometric sculptures throughout the room – hypercubes, klein bottles, etc.

36. Ogre Camp – 6 ogres + 1 4th level Ogre Shaman. 4,000 ep total treasure

37. He holds the Key – Rock Living Statue w/ key on chain around neck.

38. Charged Room: metal will be drawn toward the secret door.

39. Words: Magic mouths will speak in overlapping words. They have no meaning, but a saving throw must be made or the listener will believe they are a warning.

40. empty

41. Kobold Corner – Barracks w/ 12 kobolds + 3 Oil Beetles

42. Work Room – 9 kobolds

43. More Kobolds – 9 kobolds + 6 body guards + 1 king + 1 4th level Wokan. Treasure chest in throne contains 3,000 cp, 1,000 sp, 5 potions, and 2 scrolls. They know about the secret door.
Quarter Column: the SW corner of the room contains an intricate ¼ column. It contains the latch to a secret door. When triggered the corner spins around and switches place with the corner in room 46. May only be activated once every 10 minutes.

44. Rifts: The middle 10’ of the room is littered with assorted mundane items. Anyone attempting to cross the room will find themselves on the far side without ever crossing the center 10’. Items may be tossed into that area, but anything alive shifts to the far side of the effect. Anything tossed is irretrievable without access to a long pole.

45. Tipsy: This room is shifted by 20 degrees.

46. Leaky Fountain: The large freshwater fountain has 3 fish spraying water into the fountain and a 4th is spraying water out toward the SW corner. Adjusting the nozzle will return the spray to the proper direction.
and allow area 23 to drain.


  1. So I tried a couple times to view the Mobius Dungeon online - Google gave me fits - I finally was able to download it as a Doc. If you're using a newer version of Word, you can output it to pdf with that - Open Office also outputs to pdf - there's a bunch of other open source stuff too. I saved it as pdf - if you want me to send it to you, I can. daenralworldgmailcom...

  2. I didn't saw that post! I made a Klein Bottle Dungeon a few months ago, so this is just awesome!

  3. @Daen ~ Unfortunately at work I don't have a newer version of office, or the ability to upload open office. At home, however, I do, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    What did you think of it? It's very much a work in progress, but I'd definitely like some feedback.

    @malsrpg - Glad you like it! Was it hard to run a klein bottle dungeon?

  4. I really like the way time and space are warped - cool idea. My favorite part of the adventure is Jack (might make a random table on Jack's age for when they meet him - I like the "story" element of what you propose, but I'm a tinkerer...)

  5. Freaky deaky!

    For some reason Jack makes me think of Bowman from 2001. Or some of the time tricks in Book of the New Sun ...

    Verification is the command-word to your new Wand of Wonder: "Shazoo!"

  6. Hrm. Technically, this seems to be a torus and not a moebius strip. Still, I like the idea and know exactly where to place it in my Southern Reaches campaign. >:)

    Thank you for sharing!

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