Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Thing from the Well of Worlds

The stones still smoldered as the Magus stood before his students.  Behind him, the Well of Worlds was dark, it’s surface rippling gently.

            “It doesn’t have a name” he began “at least not one that is knowable, even to me.  The thing comes from a place beyond the worlds, where the light of the stars and the gods shines but dimly.  Some warlocks deal with such being, at their own peril, but you all lack the training, as Aldrich so tragically demonstrated.”

            “But what was it?” Feris the novice asked.

            “It is a Thing.  Not a beast, creature, or a construct.  It is neither demon, devil, nor nightmare of chaos.  It is an intelligence from before and beyond.  It exists to remake everything in it’s image.  If it gains a foothold here on our world it will recreate everything to match it’s alien universe.  If it strikes at you, it will not only rend your flesh but your very existence.  This is why I could not save Aldrich.”

            “What do we do if we face them?”

“First, pray that you never face more than one.  Should you ever be so unfortunate as to have to face one, avoid striking it physically.  While our universe is noxious to them, their very existence is an anathema to ours.  You may harm it, or you may not, but striking it will certainly harm you.  While you can’t kill it, for it possesses no life, it’s energy and form can be dispersed.  Sap it’s energy, blast it apart, do whatever it takes to destroy it.  If you can’t destroy it, contain it.  If you can’t contain it…” the Magus sighed “then the gods help us all.”

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