Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rappan Athuk: Worm Tunnels and Chocolate Demon Baby

 Session played on 10/3

Nick the Pike, Fighter  (Me)
Gimbal, Magic User  (Scott)

While Nick had been preparing to face the spiders, a message arrived demanding he see the druid. Nick gathers a few of his friends, and heads down the river, following the messenger. Down the river, into the woods and straight into the area that the druid had identified as the spider’s nest. Instead of a nest, they saw a great big hole. And standing next to the hole, the druid, and some of her wolfish friends. Apparently some of the local purple worms have been acting weird, and one of them came and took care of the spider problem.

Good news!

Bad news is that she wants Nick to check out what’s messing with the worms. So, down the tunnel they go, with a stack of purple worm antivenom. Hundreds of feet down (at a thankfully gentle angle)  the tunnel wall falls off and the side of a (dead) purple worm can be seen. Pustules that still ooze cover the body.

Further down, the worm tunnel clipped the corner of a dungeon room. Within was a dry fountain, a couple of doors, and a slowly flowing stream of the same sort of ooze that flowed from the purple worm’s pustules. The stench was nearly overwhelming, but the company decided to look around. Through the eastern door, the party found a smaller room with some diseased rats and a chocolate brown demon baby.

The fight was brutal and blessedly short. Koltic was unable to turn the demon, but weapons were effective. Borumar severed a foul horn from the demon’s head and wrapped it in thick leather. The demon baby was guarding a fair haul of treasure, and after it was all scooped up (except for the copper) the party returned to the surface.

The druid Druzilla was unimpressed with the slaying of the demon and tasked the group to find the source of the ooze.

Gains: gold and silver, non-magical wand, 7 vials of anti-venom, 3 scrolls of cure disease.
Kills: giant rats, chocolate demon baby

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