Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bones V

 On Friday the 16th, my 25 pounds of new bones minis arrived.

It's as much as a corgi, and more than my baby! I got almost all the expansions, and a bunch of additional sets.
At this point, I still haven't finished with my inventory. I've been taking it kinda slow, enjoying the process. Mildly annoying is that the Core set and the Daimo set are both in sealed plastic bags, and every individual mini is in another sealed plastic bag. All the other sets are all in small to large ziplock bags. During inventory, if the mini didn't have any extra bits, I took them out of their individual bags, and combined them. It saved a lot of space, but now I need to take the extra bags and go back to the Core set (which I sorted first) and repackage them.
Fan Favorites - Random assorted minis. Found the wildfolk to be a bit smaller than I expected. 

Chronoscope - Great assortment of sci-fi and horror minis. I know it wasn't super popular. Maybe next time they'll split it up into a couple of themed Encounter type sets rather than as one larger set?

Brinewind - Pirates, undead pirates, and more pirates. I think one of the shrines was scaled up a bit over the other.

Dungeon Dwellers - If you needed a core set of minis to get started collecting for D&D, this is THE set to get. I love the old school styling of them. 

I also got a bunch of other add-ons, but haven't inventoried them all yet.

Then there's Agranzarax who was the first of the big 5 dragons I saw from the set back at ReaperCon, and, well... I couldn't wait. 

But that's a post for tomorrow.

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