Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Stonehell: Lost Level Burned Library

 Session 157 was played on 7/9

Eiric, Wizard 8 (Kat)
Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Boris, Cleric 5 (Jeff)
Joho, Mystic (Chris)
Ool, Mystic (NPC)
Borumar, Thief 7 (Josh)
Morgana, Mage 5 (Reggie)
Daton, Fighter 4 (Jay)
Plus war dogs

After dealing with the hogs, the party checks out the next door, and finds a skinny somewhat foppish man hiding behind an old sitting chair. However to get to him, they had to chop down the door, as the voice on the inside of the room refused to unblock the door. Karl used his ax to smash through the wood, grinning, and saying “Here’s Karl!”

The poor man was terrified, and was hiding from the hogs who had tried to eat him (and had eaten his friends). Kayani agreed (didn’t have much choice) to go with the party.

The party sees some goblin scouts, and they see the party. Each just goes their own way.

Continuing their exploration, they come across a tall hallway, and up above a short bridge crossing the hallway about 10’ up. Karl climbs up to scout, and then the rest of the party comes up. To one side of the bridge they find an empty library, and to the other a room with a heaped pile of burned books.

Going back down the hallway, they come to an old armory, and find 4pp hidden inside a rusted old breastplate. Then onto an old dusty kitchen, where the pig tries to make a run for it. He fails, and is soundly smacked about and threatened if he tries that again.

Gains: 4PP

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