Thursday, October 1, 2020

September in Review

The pandemic continues. Summer is giving up it’s last gasp, the leaves are turning, and the CPA exam has passed.

That’s not to say I passed… I don’t actually get my score for another week and a half.

This month has been a LONG month, and I’m not sorry to see it in the rear view. Here’s hoping that the month of pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, which will include a blue moon (on Halloween itself) brings some cheer.


I decided to treat myself to a game of Rangers of Shadowdeep. Lacking good terrain, I made due with some round bases to represent trees, and note cards to represent houses for the first scenario. Not ideal, but it got the job done.

Stonehell has been progressing nicely. Adding in a few Thursday sessions while I’m not actively studying for the exam.


Jumping all over with this one. It’s been hard to focus and the only thing that I actually got *done* was a set of fences. The minis I was working on from ReaperCon haven’t really advanced any further. I think one problem was too many things on my painting tray. Makes it hard to focus. Plus I’m at that fiddly detail/basing point on a bunch, so… hard to get that last 5-10% done sometimes.

My plan for this month is to paint up a pair of wraiths and a pair of hags. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Be nice to wrap up the Dark Maiden… Need to do some greenstuff work on her base to sculpt in some waves.


Movies/TV Watched

Star Trek Lower Decks
Enola Holmes (very cute!)
Mandalorian (episode 8)

Books Read

Architects of Memory


Survive the pandemic
Paint 4 miniatures
Carve a pumpkin

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