Saturday, October 24, 2020

Reaper's Burrowing Behemoth (Umber Hulk)

 As with the Gloom Stalkers from the other day, the Burrowing Behemoths were painted back over the summer. 

They were given the standard soapy bath and scrub, mold line removal, and brown (grey?) liner treatment as almost all my Bones minis get. Again, I opted not to base them, as their included bases were the right size, and already round. 

The behemoths started out with a base coat of... Maybe it was a Moss Green? I painted the eyes with a silvery metallic, and then gave them a wash of blue. Maybe soft blue?

The orange around the mouths I'm pretty sure is pumpkin orange. I used the same orange on the feathery antenna and as a highlight on the carapace. 

The bases were done I think with Desert Stone/Sand?

That mold line across the eye.... UGH....

I liked painting these more than the Gloom Stalkers, and think they came out better. Still need to black the edge of the base.

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