Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Review: The Queen of Crows and The Killing Light

Myke Cole's fantasy trilogy is complete!

Somehow, I completely failed to not only review The Queen of Crows, but I didn't even get around to marking it as read on Goodreads!

Picking up from where things left off in The Armored Saint, Myke doesn't let up the pressure. Heloise may have saved most of the people she cares about from a demon, and the religious zealots who want to kill her and her village, but now that she's basically turned herself into an unwilling heretic, she's got to find a way to survive.

The pressure keeps mounting, and the steel magitech armor she wears can only do so much to protect her from the physical assaults she faces, and it does nothing to protect her from the emotional hits she takes over the last 2 books. And do those hits keep coming. From having to deal with grief for those she lost, grief and pain from her own disfigurement, the knowledge that many people want her dead, that others believe her a living saint, and still others just see her as a symbol they can use to topple the ancient church that oppresses all around it, and her own feelings of confusion and everything else that comes with being a 16 year old girl... it's a lot. And Myke takes it places I wasn't expecting.

If my review of The Armored Saint didn't get you to pick up the series, I hope this review does!

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