Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving D&D and Lizardmen

Over Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of both running D&D for my nieces and nephews! (and some extra kids, and my bride!)

The face of a DM trying to figure out what exactly it is the priest wants to accomplish.

In the end they managed to get the pumpkins back from the goblins suffering only one TPK... I mean, capture. And then they managed to defeat the Gulthias vampire under the tree, while not slaughtering the kobolds who were to deliver the evil fruit growing on its branch.

I also sat down with my my nieces and nephews to paint some lizardmen. Mostly this was to keep them all occupied while dinner was being prepped. The results were... not terrible, though some questionable color choices.

Of the 4, only 1 of them wanted to keep what they'd painted.

The rest of them came home with me, and now I've brought them to work as my lunch time minis.

My goal is to keep them as close as possible to their initial paint schemes, and just clean them up to my tabletop standard. I'm still debating replacing the 4 that my niece wanted to keep. I think I'll just mark them off as gifts and move on.

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