Wednesday, November 29, 2017

F:GA Crewmen

Since I want a fairly cohesive warband, and both my Heritor and Warden are going to be painted with a distinctly eastern flair, to match the artwork for the Warden, I've been thinking that I want to shift a bit away from the slightly Arabic feel of the crewman kit.

Maybe to look a little more like this?

Now, the clothing is generic enough that I can easily pull that off, but the bearded heads with the keffiyeh? Not exactly the look I'm going for. So... Out comes the green stuff. I've got enough beardless faces that can sculpt a conical hat onto for my crew. And enough greenstuff...

Okay, so maybe a little harder than I thought? I found the greenstuff more ready to stick to me or to the table than it was to stick to the heads.

Next is to pick arms and other equipment, and then get painting. I'm looking forward to seeing how they'll look all painted up.

Of the 5, I think 2 will be sword and shield, 2 just hand weapons, and 1 with a staff. For the next set, I'll probably do the hats after the arms are on, to make sure the weapons don't get in the way.

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