Friday, November 24, 2017

Splintered Deck in Ghost Archipelago

After reading through my copy of Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago, I knew that I'd be starting my warband soon... And not the mythical "I'll get to that soon" but actually soon.

Actually I knew I'd be doing it before I even had the book. So much so, that at ReaperCon one of the few actual purchases I made was for a Splintered Deck texture stamp from Happy Seppuku.

I usually don't focus too much on bases. In fact I tend to make them fairly bland and generic so that they'll fit in whatever game or RPG. For Frostgrave I was a little more focused on making winter themed bases for the minis that I was painting explicitly for it, but since I was using a lot of re-purposed minis, it wasn't consistent. For Ghost Archipelago, It will be! My entire warband will all have the splintered deck bases.

Oh, and soon is NOW!

Of course using the texture stamp means that I'm cutting a lot of minis off of their integrated bases. With the plastics, that's easy. The metal minis? That's a little more effort. On the other hand, it does mean a more scrap for the melt table! Once I had the minis ready, I mixed up a batch of greenstuff, stuck it on the bases and then pressed it into the stamp. After pulling it off, I then stuck the feet into the greenstuff. This warped the stamp's texture a bit so I went in and fixed that with my sculpting blade.

In addition to the Warden and Heritor, I also did up the bases for 5 crewmen using the 5 bodies from a sprue of the crewman plastic boxed set. Of course I need to figure out what these 5 guys are actually going to be. Probably all base crewmen for this batch...

So this is where I'm at now. Next step is to finish building at least these 5 the crewmen, and then get them painted.

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