Friday, May 8, 2015

Wayedge 5e magic sword

Jie Chue, master forger of the ancient empire, long ago crafted a small blade for a patron who's name has passed into the sands of history. Tales of the blade, however, have turned up from time to time. An elven assassin once used Wayedge to slay a noble baron, which spurred the baron's daughter to take up his sword while his son took up the crown. It is also told that Wayedge brought low the Goblin King of Thunder Rift in the hands of a courageous halfling.

It is not known where Wayedge currently rests, but it never stays out of bardic tales for long.

Weapon (short sword), very rare (requires attunement)

Wayedge is a single edged shortsword with a gently curved blade. It's hilt is a flowing brass knot-work design that begins at the cross-guard and finished at the pommel. It is preternaturally sharp and polished without ever needing to be tended. Wayedge is a +1 shortsword with two unusual enchantments. The first allows it to be thrown as a dagger, instantly returning to the thrower's hand at the end of the round it was thrown. The second manifests itself rarely; only when it has been thrown as a dagger and the player rolls a natural 20 on their attack. When this happens the character who threw Wayedge will be instantly teleported next to the target and able to make a bonus attack on anyone within range with advantage.

This is an update of the first magic item I ever put up on the blog, and my second ever post. Now the 5e version can join the Rules Cyclopedia & 4e versions I came up with over 5 and a half years ago...

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