Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reaper's Bones III Kickstarter

Reaper is going to do it again... Bones III...

While this, in and of itself is exciting news that made my wallet cry out in pain, the real teaser isn't just that Reaper is doing another Bones kickstarter... it's one of the models that they've shown off that is all but guaranteed to be one of the big add ons like Cthulhu and Kaladrax from the first one, Mashaff, Dragons Don't Share, and Khanjira the World Breaker from Bones 2.

How big? Based on these pics, bigger than anything else they've done...

Yup, that's a 5 headed dragon that looks a lot like a Tiamat to me.

And here's one of Julie (the sculptor) holding it.

It may not dwarf Kaladrax, but it's definitely looking bigger.

And when? June 8th... so we've got about a month of anticipation before it begins, and then another month for the kickstarter to run, and then about a year or so till it shows up. I think it's gonna be worth the wait. And that wait might just be long enough to put a dent into my current Bones collection.

If you're interested in seeing some of the other figures that might show up, check out this link.