Thursday, March 20, 2014

New magic Item: Summoner's Candles

Summoner's Candles

Summoners use rituals to bring outsiders to them. These pillar candles are used in place of the ritual, allowing anyone to call forth beings from beyond. The summoned creatures are not controlled by the candles, but are contained to within the summoning circle these candles form the anchoring points of. A minimum of 3 candles is necessary to form a circle. For every candle beyond the initial 3 used, a +1 bonus is applied to the summoning result.

If the summoner (the user of the candles) knows the name of a specific being, the summoning roll is still made, and if it achieves a high enough result, the named creature is summoned. If no specific being is named, the summoner can attempt to summon either an demon/devil, nature spirit, dead spirit, or an angelic being.

When the candles are lit, roll 2d6 and apply any modifiers.

2* - Oh, shit, roll again, but whatever shows up isn't contained in the circle
3-5 - Nothing answers your summons
6-8 - A 1d4HD creature answers your summons
8-10 - A 2d4HD creature answers your summons
11-12 - A 2d6HD creature answers your summons
13-14 - A 2d8HD creature answers your summons
15-17 - A 3d8HD creature answers your summons
18+ - A 4d8HD creature answers your summons

Make a reaction roll for any summoned creature, with a base -2 to the roll.

*A natural roll of 2 always has this result, no matter how many candles are used. If rolled twice, a dimensional rift is opened. Good luck with that...

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