Monday, August 8, 2011

Horn of the Minotaur Lord

Cleft from the head of the Minotaur Lord Drax-Mur by the gnome demigod Crixi and enchanted by the sorcerer Molko, the Horn of the Minotaur Lord is an impressive artifact from antiquity. Roughly four feet long and bound on each in end gold, this magic item is rather difficult to conceal, although some foes have turned an ran just seeing the horn after hearing of its dreadful power.

Horn of the Minotaur Lord Level 9
A blast of this horn causes enemies to flee in terror
Lvl 9
Lvl 19
Type: Wonderous
Power: Standard, Daily x 2
Blast 5, +15 vs Will 2d6+6 Sonic damage and all enemies hit will immediately run their full speed directly away from the horn. This move is in addition to any actions they have or will take this round. If used a second time in a day there is a 15% chance of summoning a Demonic Savage Minotaur. It will attempt to take the horn and return it to the depths of the Labyrinth.
lvl 19: Blast 10, +25 vs Will. In place of the Demonic Savage Minotaur an Iron Golem will be summoned shaped like a minotaur.

Inspiration for this item goes to Bat of Ancient Vaults and his version for Labyrinth Lord/Classic Dungeons and Dragons.

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