Monday, April 26, 2010

Möbius Dungeon - part 1

Norman over at Troll and Flame has been playing with dungeon geomorphs, riffing off an idea that Grim at Postapocapost had. Somewhere someone in all of those posts said something about a Möbius strip dungeon. Sunday evening, as a massive thunderstorm shook the house I sat with the dogs and drew this up. 

I could have drawn the map on both sides of the paper, but I thought it would be easier to show the whole thing this way.

I haven't stocked it yet, but there are a number of fun things I plan on putting in there, including a leaky fountain that will cause a flooded area on the other side of the strip, a pit trap that drops you onto the other side of the strip, and an infinite staircase. My goal is to have it stocked by the weekend, but we'll see how that goes. 


  1. It might not lay flat in your DM folder, it might not be as easy to use. But, you totally have to cut it out and glue it into a real mobius strip.

    Trust me, the cube making maniac.

  2. Oh, I'm planning on it! I want to redraw it first, but it'll definitely be be making it!


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