Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's time I went to the carnival!

Mistakes – ones you’ve made in the past and how you got past them, one’s you’re making now and don’t know how to solve

When I first started playing D&D it was entirely solo games with my friend Mike.  Sometimes he would DM, but most of the time I'd DM.  We never got too crazy, and I'm sure there were a fair number of mistakes that I made, but we had fun so it was all good.

Lately I've been having trouble getting a solo game going with my wife.  We have different priorities when it comes to gaming.  We both want to have fun, but our ideas of fun are light years apart.  For instance, in my previous post on How to Host a Dungeon, when I rolled a Great Wyrm during the primordial age I pictured this:
Whereas she pictured this:
The mistakes I'm making when I try to run D&D with her include:
I over-prep
I say no when i should say yes
I get impatient that she isn't interested in the aspects of D&D that I'm interested in
I become upset and feel guilty that I'm not running a fun game for her

I don't know how to break out of this.  Could it just be that I can't DM D&D for her?  Should I try a different game?  Am I just so out of practice, and so stuck in a certain style of gaming that I'm ruining gaming for her?

I don't know.
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