Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Basics

While shopping yard sales this summer for a gaming/craft table I came across this.  It was only $1, and it came with what I think are the original dice and crayon.  My wonderfully tolerant partner Virginia looked at me incredulously and asked me if I seriously wanted it as I snatched it from the table.  I replied "Oh yes!" and and refused to put it down until I had paid for it. 

I've been reading it, and I'm struck by how different it is from 4e, and yet how familiar.  That makes sense as I started with the Rules Cyclopedia, which is pretty much the BECMI rules sets in one book.  The assumptions built in to the game, the old school feel of it if you will, certainly brings a smile to my face.  I'm tempted to try running this at some point, just a one shot, going through the intro adventure. 

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  1. Early D & D had some of the best features. WAY before people started overthinking and some gaming companies (*cough* *cough* Wizards of the Coast *cough* *cough*) decided to release issues just to make more coin.


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