Monday, July 1, 2024

June ‘24 In Review

What a busy month! 2 weekend trips into the city, a work retreat and vacation in Maine, and all the usual stuff that goes on in a given month. No major work on the house, but we did get fiber internet installed and got a quote for solar panels now that we have a new roof. Oh, and this last weekend of the month was dog sitting a neighbor's dog. I’ll be doing more of that next month too. It’s nice to have a dog in the house again.

We played more of the Rappan Athuk campaign, still deep in the blue god’s cliffside/sea cave temple, but that’s now on pause for a few weeks as the DM is on vacation, and it doesn’t make sense to switch back to Stonehell. In its place we’re going to play a few sessions of Mothership!

I also got to run a couple nights of D&D at the work retreat. The party made a foray into the orc caves in the Caves of Chaos, and then decided to go after the dragon living in the old ruined watchtower (actually a wyvern). Session reports for that next week.

Not a super productive month given the big vacation in the middle of it, but I still managed to get a few things done, and I’ve got more in progress.

4 sci-fi troopers from Heresy minis, a Tau Etherial from GW, and a goat, paladin, and an evil fish priest from Reaper

Currently on my desk are some Frostgrave troops, and a trio of Stargrave characters, and I'm thinking that I want to paint a few GW Bretonnians.. we'll see.

Resident Alien
Star Wars Acolyte
Star Trek (2009)

Goals for July
Play scenario 3 for Hope Eternal
Try to get at least 2 session reports written per week.

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