Friday, June 7, 2024

Stonehell: Downtime in the Hermitage

Session 236 was played on 11/20/23

Morgana, Magic User (Rob)
Borumar, ½ Orc Thief (Josh)
Blotto, Goblin Fighter (Lanse)
Koltic, Cleric 7 (NPC)
Aroon, Fighter 5 (NPC)
Jameth, Fighter 5 (NPC)
Lor’Koth, Dwarf 5 (NPC)
Nick, Fighter 7 (Me)

Downtime in the Hermitage. Lor’Koth gives Morgana a room in the hermitage to use as her personal lab/teleport chamber. Lots of helping the dwarves get things cleaned up, dusted off, etc. to make it more livable, and less like something inhabited by nearly-undead shades.


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