Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Stonehell: Hiring Mercenaries

Session 227 was played on 9/17/23

Morgana, Magic User (Rob)
Blotto, Goblin Fighter (Lanse)
Koltic, Cleric 7 (NPC)
Aroon, Fighter 5 (NPC)
Jameth, Fighter 5 (NPC)
Lor’Koth, Dwarf 5 (NPC)
Nick, Fighter 7 (Me)

Gathering in the manor, the party reviews their maps, and plans their next excursion. Heading in through the front door, they swing by Rocky and ask the following:
Q How to get into the Hermitage?
A: 4 Ways, The Front Door, the Sewers, and from Below
Q: How to raise and train rust monsters?
A: Carefully
Q: What traps await in the sewers?
A: Traps that aren’t there, Gems that Wander, and a Drink that will take you far away.

 Into the Quiet Halls, they shoo a fire beetle away, and Koltic sends a half dozen shuffling zombies back into their eternal rest. Taking the teleporter down to the Vrilyan halls, they escort Yagrick back to the casino, and then return to the Fire Beetle Bar.

Talking to the dower Crope, he suggests that if they’re serious about assaulting the Hermitage, that they should talk to the minotaurs to get passage through their territory. Crope makes an introduction and during the initial discussion Morgana manages to catch the ear of the 15 dwarven traders who stopped into the bar rather than hang out with the Vrilya, and they misunderstand what’s going on, thinking Morgana and the minotaurs are planning on taking out their caravan.

Borumar soothes the situation out while Morgana gets the Blood Horn tribe to not only allow passage, but to make an assault on the front gate (as a diversion) in 48 hours. It costs her 6,000gp, plus a 300gp bonus for every confirmed dwarf casualty. Crope serves as witness and the contract is signed.

Kills: 7 zombies
Losses: 6,000gp to the Blood Horn tribe (paid in advance)

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