Friday, December 1, 2023

November '23 in review

Early in the month I came down with another damned cold. Time was additionally taken up by both holiday travel and a work trip down to DC. All in all it was not a super productive month for much of anything except getting a bunch of session reports written

I ran out of time this month for the Stargrave Hope Eternal campaign, but did play a few sessions of the Savage Worlds Necessary Evil campaign, and in the Stonehell game my players managed to take the dwarven hermitage and capture the evil artifact Gloom Crown. I was DESPERATELY hoping they'd keep their word and give it to the dark elves, and the chaos that would cause, but they've locked it up and are looking for a way to destroy it.... So now I need to come up with a quest for them to do just that. 

My #Dungeon23 is about a week behind where I should be. I've run into a bit of a mental problem with the current level. The dungeon has reached hell, and with all the real hellish things going on in the world, I have no stomach for making the level as evil as I'd started out thinking I would. It's rather cartoonish at this point, and I need to rework some things to get it where I want it, so I'm behind. I will catch up soon, and plan on wrapping up the year and my 365th room on 12/31!

My focus this month was on a couple of bigger projects, so not as much was completed as in most months. What I did manage to complete this month were a big brown bear, a gnome on a turkey, and an orc sorceress.

In progress I’ve got a big red dragon, a lich on a throne, and a necromancer raising a zombie. The most progress has been on the dragon that I need to get done by the end of the year, but even that has been kinda slow going. It took a while and a couple of false starts to find the right base colors for the body and wings, but then in working on highlighting the scales I’m worried that it’ll stop looking like a red dragon. I’m pressing on at this point. I can always glaze over it with a rich vibrant red later to tone down the yellow-orange highlights if I decide I don’t like it in the end.

On top of these, I also have been pushing some greenstuff around. I have some old minis that were missing parts, and I wanted to get them whole, so I sculpted a new claw for the dire badger and new eyestalks for the carrion crawler. And because I mixed up too much, I also made 5 worm things that I didn’t have a specific plan for. After I thought that I could make them baby carrion crawlers, so I've been attempting to make tentacles for them, with some success.

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4
Nightmare Before Christmas
Great British Bakeoff
Quiz Lady
No Hard Feelings
Baby J Comedy Special
Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

Goals for Dec
Play scenario 3 for Hope Eternal
Try to get at least 2 session reports written per week.
Finish the dragon

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