Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sept ‘23 In Review

Where did this month go?!? I swear, I spent a week ‘recovering’ from ReaperCon, and then a week catching up, and then suddenly it was the 20th? And now it’s over? We also got a TON of rain this month, and discovered a whole new leak in the roof! Home Ownership is Awesome! As this post goes live, I’ll be tilling up the back yard to replace the grass weeds with clover. Hope it grows!

I managed to get in that game of Stargrave! It didn’t go well, but I played. Actually “it didn’t go well” is something of an understatement. My captain got shot, stunned, and then fell off the top of a moving train. Things went downhill from there.

Stonehell is back in full swing, and the party is making their way through to the back door of the Dwarven Hermitage. I’m looking forward to running that during the spooky season!

My #Dungeon23 is finally caught up. I’ve been perpetually a few days behind all month. I do wonder how much players will enjoy 2 months worth of fungal monsters and caves, but as designed, they’ll need to collect a bunch of stuff from there, and also maybe make some friends.

Post-Reapercon I was all set to jump back in and really start to focus on the things the judges suggested I work on. And then I grabbed a piece of terrain that was half finished… and then another… and then another… Well, I got a lot painted, but it was almost all terrain! 

Closeup of terrain, a large central pillar surrounded by 4 smaller pillars. Off white bricks with terracotta accents, and olive green vines growing on it.

Collection of alien inca-ish inspired ruined terrain.

4 oval bases of jungle scatter terrain along with Sir. Forscale and Sgt. Forscale for scale.

I’ve been really enjoying working on this jungle terrain, both the 3D printed stuff, and the scatter terrain I’ve been putting together to go with it. As we get into October, I’m going to probably wrap that all up and move on to the Flatline City terrain, and the dragon I started…

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4
What We Do In The Shadows season 5
Only Murders in the Building season 3
Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, The Swan, The Rat Catcher
Halloween (1978)

Goals for Oct
Play scenario 2 for Hope Eternal again, and NOT DIE
Complete the scarecrow for the yard for Halloween.
Watch more Halloween/horror movies

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