Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Halloween Movies: Halloween (1978)

Last October I decided to start watching some of the classic horror movies from the 70s and 80s that I missed as a kid, and I started with Nightmare on Elm Street and was shocked at how good it was. Now I didn't get very far into this little project, so this year I'm starting a little early, and Tuesday night I watched Halloween.

Not I'm not a big horror fan, which is obvious given my lack of having seen this classic, but because it's such a classic so many elements of it have made their way into pop culture that much of it felt familiar.  I also have to give props to the film maker for not relying on cheap jump scares. Mike Meyers isn't scary cause he jumps out at you, but because he just keeps coming. Of course they don't start there... they rightly build up to it, slowly just having him be there. Just bring present, watching, lurking, and freaking out the kids.

Overall I really enjoyed it, with only 2 complaints. 

1. I felt the sound balance was off. The music was just a tad too loud

2. He killed the dog. I hate that. Go ahead and murder the randy teens, but leave the animals alone 

Interestingly I expected more blood/gore. For all the violence, it was remarkably restrained.

The real question becomes, how do you make a D&D monster like that?

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