Saturday, April 1, 2023

March ‘23 In Review

Coming into April like I just finished a 31 day long march. 

The good news is that, while expensive, my basement office was finally repaired after the flooding. I haven’t moved my stuff back into it yet, but probably will before too long. Need time to let the paint dry. 

I’m glad spring is finally rolling around. In spite of the relative mildness of it here on Long Island, I’m ready for some sun and warmth. Work is busy, and will only be busier over the next couple of months. We’ll see how that impacts life away from work. 

I did slack off a bit on session reports. Need to get back to that. Taxes were submitted though. 


Gaming continues in Rappan. I’m having a good time exploring new ways into the dungeon, including a 40 odd mile long underground tunnel. Let me tell you how much damage resistance sucks... 

In spite of having my next Stargrave game set up and ready to play, I never found the 2 hours I need to play it. Need to correct that, maybe tomorrow. 


A productive month! I managed to complete every single item for the Reaper Challenge League this quarter, except one. I still need to finish that turtle castle I started months ago… I guess I can submit it for Q2. 

One of my favorite things is painting silly minis, and I got to paint a very silly cat licking it’s own butt. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

I also painted some orcs. 


Bad Batch
Star Trek Picard
The Last of Us
Ted Lasso

Goals for March

Continue #Dungeon23
Keep up with the session reports
Play the next scenario for Stargrave

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