Monday, February 6, 2023

Stonehell: Interlude Talking to Allies

 Session 194 was played on 3/29 (rare Tuesday game)

Morgana, Mage 8 (Rob)
Borumar, Thief 9 (Josh)
Koltic, Cleric 6 (NPC)
Aroon, Fighter 4 (NPC)
Jameth, Fighter 4 (NPC)
Lor’Koth, Dwarf 5 (NPC)

Upon returning to town, the party pulled together funds to pay for Biffin to be raised from the dead. Sadly Biffin’s spirit wanted none of it, and the ritual failed.

Morgana spends time in her workshop making scrolls, knocking out Invisibility 10’, Knock, Wizard Lock, and 2 fireball scrolls.

A wererat comes to Borumar and tells him that the trolls have taken the gold mine, and have enslaved the kobolds that were working there to keep working.

Gathering the party together, they head to the Gatehouse Inn and meet with the Kobolds there to discuss the situation. The kobolds are obviously upset about both the trolls, and the situation in the Korners. The encroachment of the fae is making a good portion of them uncomfortable. Keeper Nolti is increasingly making judgements that favor the fairy population more than the kobolds, and has even taken on a number of pumpkin-headed bugbears as enforcers.


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