Monday, July 4, 2022

June '22 in Review

Poison Ivy Sucks! This has unfortunately been the main theme of the second half of the month, and it’s been a busy month too. One of the joys of having a house is having the space to actually have guests over! And over the course of the month we’ve had both friends and family visiting.

Stonehell keeps rolling along. I also got to pull Nick out of mothballs, and explore some of the Rappan Athuk campaign area. Still avoiding the core dungeon… Not on purpose, but seems to keep happening.

In addition to that, I also got a game of Pandemic in. We played a 4 person game, and were *this* close to winning, but lost in the end. We decided to keep playing, and then had a massive outbreak cascade that overtook basically all of Europe.

One of the friends that came over spent a great Saturday evening painting and watching Arcane. I got a bunch done, some of it better than other. And I still need to finish my froghemoth.

Brooklyn 99 (season 7 and half of 8)
Star Trek Voyager (season 2)
Star Trek Strange New Worlds
Star Wars Bad Batch
Ms. Marvel (1st Half)
Doctor Strange 2
Stranger Things

Paint some terrain, and play something on it. If nothing else this month, I want to do that.

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