Monday, June 13, 2022

Reaper Bones Cultists

There's just something about cults that make them great opponents for the PCs to face off against. It's a great excuse to not only have them facing a human foe, but also ones that have access to powers like their own. Sure, the rank and file members are likely to be less powerful than the PCs, but the leadership? Plus there's always the moral question of are these people actually evil, or corrupted and redeemable? 

Either way, I decided I wanted my cultists in yellow. Initially I tried painting them while on a trip for work, but brought a terrible yellow to work with. Plasma Yellow isn't a great color for D&D cultists. Not even when mixed with Drow Nipple Pink to bring the color down. So I started over, and used a trick that I should have used from the start, and painted them all pink.

Why pink? Because yellow goes over pink amazingly well. I then used brown liner to paint basically everything that wasn't going to be yellow: flesh, books, armor, weapons, etc. For the flesh I mixed a 1:1 ratio of alien flesh and tanned flesh, then did highlights with just alien flesh. I really wanted to accentuate the corruption the King in Yellow has had on them.

The lining of the robes, and the stoles, and the belts I painted a reddish purple. I can't say exactly what color, as I experimented with a bunch of purples, but they included Gothic Crimson, and Royal Purple. The armor was a combo of gunmetal, steel shadow, and blade steel.

The gold details were painted with cursed gold. Then I green stuffed the bases to look like field stone. Interestingly I didn't quite manage to get the styles to match up as you can really see below. 

Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, and Thief. I somehow managed to unintentionally make a full D&D party of cultists!

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