Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sligg Soldier

 From Reaper's Bones 4 Chronoscope set comes the Sligg Soldier. It hasn't been released in Bones yet, but the metal version can be picked up here for not much more than it'll probably cost in Bones. 

As with all my other Bones minis, I started out with a warm soapy water scrub down with my hobby toothbrush to remove any oils or mold remover. After that I primed it with Blue Liner. I was working on it at the same time as the cyber troll and the space henchman, which is why I used blue, otherwise I might have picked a different liner color.

After lining, I gave the gun a coat of Metal Tone, and the rest of the mini got Christmas Wreath.

 The stock of the gun then got a couple of different browns to make it look like wood. I think the primary color ended up being leather brown. The skin went from Christmas Wreath to Viper Green with a wash of Runic Purple. It wasn't something I'd planned, but I had the wash handy from working on the cyber troll's skin, and I figured it was worth trying over the green. I think it made for an interesting skin tone. 

The crest got a coat of holly berry red, tipped with candlelight yellow.

The chest was leather brown, with candle light highlights, and the same candlelight was used for the claws.

The belt was painted with coal black that was brought up to a mid-grey color.

Now this little Sligg is ready to blast anyone who tells him he can't have what he came to take. Well, once I finish the base... and clean up that stray bit of yellow on the gun.

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