Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Remember to Double Tap!

I'm counting down the hours till the end of what (for me) has been a pretty rough year, I generally don't talk about non-gaming things here, but on this last day of 2014, I'm going to make an exception, since it's had such a huge impact on my gaming. Oddly enough, it's been a generally positive impact...

My partner of over a decade left me this year, and it took her months of me trying to fix things before she finally left. And now that she is gone, I've been trying to keep the rest of my life together, which is why posting here has been more sporadic over the last couple of months.

What positive impact has this had? Mainly that I'm playing in more games right now. Sure, the big push was to get the hell out of the house, but the end result is pretty cool. Aside from the Castles and Crusades game I play Sunday nights which I was in at the beginning of the year, I'm running Wednesday Night D&D Encounters, a Friday night Weird New World 5e game, and playing in a Sunday 5e game.

I also ran DCC games at the Charm City Game Days, and won the Iron GM competition at Titan Games.

In addition to that, I've been slowly working my way through my mini collection and getting it painted up. I've slacked off the last month and a half, but with the New Year, I'll be diving back in. Especially since Bones II will probably be arriving in February (depending on customs). That's an extra 207 minis...

I also managed to get 280 posts written this year, as well as releasing 2 issues of my zine The Archmage's Octavo. That's fewer issues than I'd hoped, but more will be coming.

What does 2015 hold for the Tower? More gaming, more posts, more issues of the Octavo, and more minis. 5e is probably going to be a big focus of the year, but I think there will still be plenty of old school content!

Until then, let's put 2014 out of it's misery. And remember rule #2!


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