Monday, September 29, 2014

#6MMRPC - Week 4

Before I get to the progress I made this week, I want to take a moment to actually assess what this mountain of miniatures I’m chipping away at actually includes. There are 2 main reasons I wanted to take the time to make the assessment.

First I wanted to get a more concrete understanding of what the mountain is made of. I know I have a LOT of unpainted minis… but really, how many? And for what different games? Yes, it’s entirely possible to chip away at a mountain without knowing how big it is or what sort of rocks it’s made of, but I wanted to be able to quantify that. Putting numbers to the mountain makes it real, and in some ways less intimidating.

Second, I want a plan, and it’s easier to make a plan if you know what you’re dealing with. For example in October I’m going to work on Undead. December will be Elves. Knowing what undead and elves I actually have makes planning that out easier.

I have only completed an initial survey of my minis at this point, as a lot of the time I spent organizing rather than cataloging the various lose minis I had stashed in various cases. One thing I did note is that I have a number of minis that I’d consider about 75% done. A wash and some detail work would wrap them right up. Also, I have a lot of minis that need to be based in some way, shape, or form!

Let’s get down to brass tacks and look at some real numbers.

From the Bones Kickstarter, which came with 259 minis, I have painted a total of 88 or about 38%, leaving me with 171 unpainted minis. This unpainted pile includes minis as small as the familiars, and as large as Kaladrax.

If you’re interested, I've linked the spreadsheet here, which I will continue to update.

The next set of minis I looked at was my extensive Lord of the Rings collection. After my 40K berzerker army, this is my most painted set of minis, but even then I still have a lot left to paint. I don’t have a total number of minis both painted and not yet, but I have counted and have 146 left to paint that are assembled and primed and have a spot in one of my LotR themed mini cases. This doesn't include any of the minis that are in the storage cabinet…

If you’re interested in the breakdown, it’s the 3rd tab on the spreadsheet linked above.

And that’s as far as I've gotten quantifying my minis. There’s still a lot more to go, but that can wait for next week! Onto this week’s progress!

I spent most of this week’s hobby time working on Halbarand the Cleric. I’m pretty pleased with the way he’s come out. Getting blind hair to look right isn't easy… You’ll notice he’s painted up in Halloween colors, as he’s going to the be my Halloween Knight that will defend us all from the horde of undead that will crawl from their graves starting next week…

I also assembled and damaged a resin ship that I picked up ages ago to serve as a hulk marker for Battlefleet Gothic. Jake Ryan the Hero Explorer spent a little time under the file getting some nasty mold lines on his arms taken care of, and then both got primed. I was hoping to be a little further along with Jake to help out against the undead, but I went to a microbrew festival this weekend instead.

Next week the dead walk.... Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, a Mummy and something to lead them all! Ghost King? Skeletal Champion? Mummy Lord? We’ll see…


  1. The spreadsheet is an excellent idea, and one I may need to borrow.

    1. Go for it! That's one of the reasons I shared it. I know I'm not the only one who feels better having it written out and available to update.

  2. Very nice organising with the spreadsheet. I like how the Cleric/knight turned out, his bright orange tabard alone should create panic amongst the undead!

    1. Somehow I'm not sure Halloween colors are going to scare undead... but we'll see!

  3. Looks like good progress! I really should go through my entire mountain...and it really is a mountain as I sit here having just stopped a pile of plasticard falling off the top shelf. I'm terrible with computer spreadsheets, but I may give it a go. Any tips?

    1. Mostly keep it simple. The Bones lists are as detailed as they are because others already made the list. I just copy and pasted it.


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