Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Yulant

System Name: Yulant
Sector: 2-1
Star Number & Type: 2 - B II, Brown Dwarf
Planet Number & Type: 8 - W, H, D, D, T, T, T, W
Inhabitants: None
The four inner planets hug their star so tightly that none has a year longer than 1 standard week, and all are tidally locked. The first is an airless rock, while the second is an amazingly unlikely H class world. In spite of it’s classification, it skirts the edge of habitability. The thick atmosphere has a permanent cloud layer that glows with a gentle red light, and stretches from the upper atmosphere down to the surface, with constant strong winds and violent electrical storms. The next two planets don’t even reach that level of habitability. The outer system consists of 3 ice worlds, and furthest out, another airless rock. Out even beyond that is a barely hot brown dwarf.

Adventure Seeds:
  • There is an odd radiation that severely limits the use of teleporters, and scanners on the surface. It also slowly kills animal life that remains on the planet for more than about 6 hours. The effects begin with muscle weakness, trouble thinking, blurred vision. Exposure lasting more than 36 hours is irreversible, and will lead to death.
  • A specially shielded science lab is studying the radiation, but an unusually powerful storm has knocked out their generator. The scientists have taken shelter in some deep caves, which shelters them from some of the effects of the radiation, but they need help.

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