Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Magic Item: Mask of the Witchdoctor

"Come." The grey skinned creature beckoned with his 3 fingered hand. "Come!"

"Do you think we should" Nimble asked.

Allianora frowned slightly. "We've got to find the key, right? And this Geneva says she can help us find it... What choice do we have?"

"I wish Feris was here. He'd be able to cast a spell, or do a ritual, or something that would tell us where the key is."

"If Feris was with us, we wouldn't need the key." She sighed.

"Come." The creature waved again.

The log farmhouse out beyond the protection of the village was a small thing nestled against a copse of trees against the winds. The nearly empty fields looked desolate against the grey sky.

The creature lead them onto the covered porch, and then through the front door. Within was dark, lit only by a single lantern sitting on a table against the wall. Standing in the middle of the room was a girl in a simple black dress.

"How can I help you?" she asked as the creature crouched at her side. Her hand rested on the back of its head, and it nuzzled against her.

"Are you Geneva?" Nimble asked

"I am."

"We seek the Key to the Chains of the Demiurge."

Geneva nodded slightly "Please, take a seat at the table." She left the room through a dark doorway. When she returned, her face was covered in an elaborate mask of wood, bone, feather, fur, horn, and gold. "Know that this knowledge will come at a cost." As she spoke, the creature placed a copper bowl and knife onto the table. "Spill your blood into this bowl, both of you."

Mask of the Witchdoctor

The Mask of the Witchdoctor is a powerful item. For as long as it is worn, the wearer has Truesight. Additionally once per week the wearer can cast Speak with the Dead as a 21st level caster. To use this power, a sacrifice must be made. Whoever is requesting the spell be cast must accept a Quest (as per the spell). The difficulty of the Quest will be based on the age of the dead spoken to.

Once per month the mask can cast Commune. The use of this power requires a significant Quest and an offering to the Mask of at least 10,000 gold in value.

Wearing the Mask comes at a price. Every day that it is worn drains a point of Charisma from the wearer. This draining can be restored at a rate of 1 point per day of rest. If over half of a wearer's Charisma is drained, the rate is reduced to 1 point per week. If the wearers Charisma drops to 3, the damage is permanent, and the Mask will no longer function for that individual.

Image Source: Witchdoctor by Daniel Valaisis

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