Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Magic Item: Stalhrim Dagger

The companions walked single file down the narrow dungeon corridor. Along both sides were half columns supporting arches every five or six steps. Rathgar's shield glowed a gentle red , while Feris' wand flickered and sparked with a blue-white light. The air was warm, dry and stale.

"I hate these corridors..." Nimble complained. "You can barely move, barely swing a dagger-"

"Maybe we can try to keep quiet?" Rathgar hissed.

"Sure, yeah, sorry..."

Allianora shook her head and sighed, her breath coming out in a cloud. "Guys?"

Everyone turned toward her, and felt the cold air.

A soft green light flashed behind her, a black cloaked figure swinging a dagger. Allianora felt the blade cutting into her, and the chill creeping up her back.

Feris pulled Allianora behind him and thrust his wand forward. The lighted tip illuminated the gaunt grey skin of their attacker's face. Her angular features were heavily tattooed, and she held the green blade aggressively before her. "You should not have come this way." Her breath billowed before her, as her form phased out.

"Couldn't keep quiet could you." Rathgar grumbled.

"That's frelling cold..." Allianora chattered.

Stalhrim Dagger

Forged from enchanted ice, this dagger causes the usual 1d4 points of damage, but also causes anyone wounded by it to become slowed. The blade constantly gives off cold, but the bearer never feels it, is immune to normal cold, and receives a +2 bonus to any cold based saving throws.

The Stalhrim Dagger is from Skyrim, and this prop was created (and for sale) by Folkenstal. if you click the link you can see how me made it!

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