Monday, December 31, 2012

New Monster: Familia

"Yes, I know." Allianora said.

"Yet in spite of your 'knowing' you went and did it anyway."


"For goodness sake, why? Do you not think about what everyone says when you go gallivanting off, not considering the effect you have on others? On your father? On me?!?" The priestess slammed her fist down on the table, her thinning hair resisting any attempts to constrain it in a braid.

Allianora lowered her eyes. "I can't spend my entire adult life thinking about how my actions impact you..."

"Well that's certainly clear."

"Mother, you know-" A longsword blade poked through Allianora's mother's chest, then waved around. "Mother?!"

"What?" She looked down "Oh hellfires" and her form melted away.

AC: 7
Hit Dice: 1hp*
Move: 0’ (0’)
Attacks: special
Damage: special
No. Appearing: 1 (1)
Save As: C1
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: L
Intelligence: 9
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 15

monster type: enchanted
Familia are a form of incorporeal monsters that tap into the viewers memories, and appear to the viewer as a beloved figure that will then proceed to berate them and their choices, draining the victim's very life force, until they are an unresponsive husk. Anyone attempting to attack a Familia must make a saving throw vs. spells, or suffer 1 point of temporary charisma damage as the creature causes the attacker to question their very self worth. Lost Charisma will be regained at a rate of 1 point every week. Familia are usually tied to a specific location or object, but they are not undead and can not be turned. Succeeding in an attack causes them to disperse for 1d4 months.

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  1. I really, really enjoy this monster. Perhaps a bit too much.


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