Monday, December 24, 2012

7 RPGs

I haven't been online much in the last week, but I have noted the 7 RPG meme that's been on G+ and various blogs. Here's my list:

1. Dungeons and Dragons (Rules Cyclopedia Edition)
The game that started it all for me, and the one that I still default to both here on my blog, and also in my brain when I'm thinking about D&D.

2. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition
This is what everyone was playing in High School, and what I ended up running lots of. The first time I played D&D in a basement, it was with this game. I played an elven archer using a kit from the Complete Book of Elves and we explored Baba Yagga's hut.

3. Star Wars, 2nd Edition (WEG)
This was the first non-D&D RPG I played. The deckplan of the Millennium Falcon sparked my interest, in spite of my preference for Star Trek. I never got to play it as much as I wanted, but when I did, it was always fun.

4. Vampire/Werewolf
Maybe it's cheating, but my gamer friends didn't really feel like these were different games, and whether we played at the table or LARPed it, there was always some blending.

5. Pandemonium
This was a D&D style LARP that I played in High School. My introduction to boffer weapons and armor making only ran once every month or two, but it was tons of fun. I spent hours and hours wrapping wire around a pole to make links that eventually made a chainmail vest for the game.

6. D&D 3.x
I ran this way more than I ever got to play it, but it answered a lot of the issues I felt had cropped up in AD&D, as well as introduced a number of features that I still prefer in my games (ascending AC being the big one).

7. Labyrinth Lord
For me LL has been the Rosetta Stone for playing via G+ hangouts. It isn't all that different from the start of the list, but it's available for free, and everyone has a copy. Plus it shows just how versatile the basic D&D system is, since both Starships and Spacemen (2nd edition) and Mutant Future are both built on the same framework, and mesh together really well.

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