Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds Map 3

First, there was my hand drawn map.  Serviceable, but not really attractive. 

Then there was Alex Schroeder's mapping program.  Even more serviceable, and much more attractive.

Now The Rubberduck has provided this beautiful map.

That makes me think that if I end up doing a lot of these, it would be well worth it to pick up Campaign Cartographer. 

Thank you Rubberduck for the awesome map!


  1. I'm still a fan of the hand-drawn map over all other comers.

  2. It should be noted that this is Campaign Cartographer, with the Cosmographer expansion. Without the cosmographer expansion you won't have any of the icons or templates for sci-fi mapping.

  3. To do pretty maps, without buying software, try the post option at

    Some examples can be seen in my FOREVEN database. Page 3 of the foreven.pdf file uses the candy style that you can select if you want a really pretty map.


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