Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Zefra

System Name: Zefra
Sector: 2-11
Star Number & Type: 2 - G V, M VII
Planet Number & Type: 6 - D, D, O, E, T, W
Inhabitants: Ko’krans, humanoid bats
The golden yellow light of Zefra shines first on a pair of earth sized planets with thick hot atmospheres. Next is a planet on an off kilter and elliptical orbit that suffers extreme seasons and tectonic activity. The orbit takes the planet briefly out beyond the orbit of the 4th planet, and out of the habitable zone, resulting in a brutal planet wide winter. At the far edge of the habitability zone is a cool earthlike world that is beginning to develop life. A sparse asteroid belt divides the inner system from the outer system. Past the belt is a rock and ice ball with a massive crater and an extremely fast day/night cycle. A dark rock barely large enough to be called a planet circles at the edge of the system.

Lurking beyond the last planet is a small red star that orbits Zefra A once every thousand years or so. It is orbited by a small collection of asteroids and comets, but no real planets of its own.

The Ko’krans are an advanced civilization whose early experiments with FTL knocked their own homeworld into it’s new eccentric orbit. There were a lot of deaths the first year, but they quickly adapted, and have now settled into their new reality. All work on FTL technology has been put on hold.

Adventure Seeds:
  • While development of FTL is on hold, the space program continues, especially with the ecological upheaval underway. Their current mission is the creation of a field of mirrors to collect their star’s light and direct it at the planet when it is at the farthest point from the star. A radical anti-science group has taken control of the mirrors, and is using it to hold the planet hostage.
  • Scientists are on the 2nd and 4th planets, testing for colonizing/terraforming potential. They’re now cut off because of the terrorist group threatening to roast any ships attempting to leave the planet.
  • The anti-science group feels that science has failed them, and that they’re being punished by their gods for turning from the old ways. Their leader is a fanatical demagogue who will use the arrival of aliens as further proof of punishment.

First off, I want to thank you for sticking with me through the challenge. I hope that these worlds will inspire your games.

While this is the last A to Z post for 2014, it is not the end of the Strange New Worlds series. I still have to post the map, and a PDF by the end of the month. I also expect to continue the series, though not in this daily format...

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