Thursday, April 17, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Oma Draconis V

System Name: Oma Draconis V
Sector: 10-6
Star Number & Type: 1 - K V
Planet Number & Type: 3 - W, H, K
Inhabitants: Drelexians, Humanoids (bumpy forehead #13, red to orange skin tones)
The gentle orange glow of Oma Draconis V shines upon the seat of the Drelex Compact. Closest to the star is a barren rocky orb tidally locked with one side perpetually molten, and the other cold and dark but for the gleam of mining operations. Next out from the star is a verdant green and blue world swirled with white clouds known as Drelex. Resisting the urge to pillage the resources of this world, the Drelexians have kept much of the surface as close to it’s original condition as possible. The world’s two moons and the asteroid belt beyond have not been so kindly handled, and mineral wealth is constantly mined, refined, and used to better the lives of those blessed to live on Drelex. At the edge of the system the green and purple gas giant is a garish jewel in the night sky of Drelex.

The Drelex Compact is run as a giant corporation, with almost every Drelexian a registered employee. Only those remaining on their original homeworld of Hera Draconis and clinging to the old religious ways remain off the books.

Adventure Seeds:
  • While Drelex is a near perfect world, it does have one native life form that the Drelexians would dearly love to see exterminated. Every six local years the orbit of Drelex and the gas giant come just a little closer to each other than usual. This brings forth from deep in the wilds a 10cm long flying insect that is harmless to the native flora and fauna, but causes severe allergic reactions to most humanoids, including Drelexians. The next cycle is about to start, and the price of pharmaceuticals, air filters, and off world trips is skyrocketing.
  • The asteroid belt is also the location of the main Drelex Compact shipyards. Getting hold of technical specs would be a major coup.
  • Rumor has it the Supreme Commander is secretly a follower of the old religion. Getting (or manufacturing) proof of this would send shock-waves throughout the compact.

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