Saturday, April 26, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Whitefall

System Name: Whitefall
Sector: 9-11
Star Number & Type: 1 - G VI
Planet Number & Type: 6 - W, H, D, W, W, K
Inhabitants: Mixed
This mainline yellow star is home to one of the nicest planets in the sector. Water covers over 85% of it’s surface, and white clouds fill the sky. The land surface is a collection of volcanic archipelagos covered in verdant tropical growth.

The remainder of the planets in the system are lifeless and mostly airless rocks, and a gas giant out on the far edge of the system.

Adventure Seeds:
  • A psionic quasi religious order is training new members on one of the more remote islands.They will offer to train any psionically gifted individuals.
  • A splinter group is inbound with a transport ship full of soldiers ready to wipe out the school.
  • The third planet of the system shows evidence of prior habitability and ruins of an advanced civilization. Deeps scans reveal at least one below ground power source still functioning.
  • The power source is an android librarian who has preserved as much as it could of the previous civilization.

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