Thursday, May 1, 2014

What’s up at the Tower?

Now that we’re a third of the way through the year, I wanted to take a moment to to take stock so that I can try to better focus my energy.

Playing RPGs

I’m currently only playing in one online game. It’s a new weekly game that we’re a couple of sessions into. Tomorrow I’ll post the actual play report for the first two sessions, and next week some thoughts on the system (Castles and Crusades).

Running RPGs

I’m not currently running any games. I need to correct this.

Reading/Reviewing RPGs

I have a stack of zines, adventures, and supplements I’ve been slowly working my way through, including the next Birthright Players Secrets. I also need to finish writing up the Blue Rose review. That’s going slowly because I’m trying to be as evenhanded with it as I can be.

Painting minis

I’ve painted up a few more minis since I last posted about them, but I haven’t gotten any pictures. I also hit something of a… painters block. One of the minis I was really looking forward to painting just kept not working out the way I wanted… and rather than just put it away and move onto something else, I kept at it. Foolish of me. This also resulted in my not touching them for weeks. I pulled them out this past weekend, cleared the clutter, and got back into it. This time focusing on the minis I have in progress that I know what I want to do with.

What I think I really need to do is give myself a specific goal to work toward, rather than just “oh, lets paint some minis.” I do better with concrete goals.

Video Games

Still playing Neptune’s Pride. It’s interesting how different games go. Some have half the players drop out after a day or two, and others have everyone hold out till the very end. I need to remember that 2+ front wars are a poor choice, and not to engage if at all possible, no matter how tempting a target. I recently started playing in a non-standard game with a number of rules tweaks, including the fact that there are 12 players instead of 8 and a comparably larger board, and the game is set for twice the usual speed. Shockingly it’s going well, due in part that I had limited access to the rest of the board at the start (and therefor the rest of the board had limited access to me) so I could spend time really developing my economy, which is key early in the game. Check back Saturday for more about this...

What’s next?

Now that the A to Z Challenge is complete, I want to put together a PDF of my entries, along with a map of the sector. The PDF should be relatively easy. The map… will take some effort since I want it to look less like something I scribbled on some scrap hex paper.

Besides that I’m also working on another little dungeon. It’s the sort of thing that’ll fit into an existing dungeon, or could be used as a side quest. I was originally thinking of it for the 1 page dungeon contest, along with an asteroid base, but I didn’t finish either in time to be considered.

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