Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Hera Draconis

System Name: Hera Draconis
Sector: 11-6
Star Number & Type: 1 - G VI
Planet Number & Type: 4 - L, U, W, M
Inhabitants: Drelexians, Humanoids (bumpy forehead #13, red to orange skin tones)
The Hera Draconis system is the home system of the Drelexians of the Drelex Compact. It is a somewhat resource poor system. A hot jovian orbits close to the bright blue star, the war ravaged homeworld of the Drelexians is next, followed by an airless rock, a super-large jovian, and beyond that several belts of asteroids.

Hera Draconis is inhabited by relatively few Drelexians, as most of the surface was cratered with rocks from orbit a century ago during a civil war. Never a wet planet, the fracturing of the crust in several places drained much of the surface water into the fractured crust. The remaining inhabitants eke out a megere existence, many by moisture farming. The old religion, which both caused and lost the war, is still practiced in a few places openly, and given lip service by almost everyone else. The planet is still orbited by the station that bombarded it a century ago, ready to finish the job. Besides the station, the system is lightly patrolled.

A resistance group wants Hera Draconis to pull out of the Drelex Compact. As it is, the system doesn’t contribute much to the small empire except for headaches for the Supreme Commander, but they’re unwilling to give it up, even as they were willing to bomb it into submission.

Adventure Seeds:
The resistance group is planning to destroy the station above. They’re looking for a neutral party to at least get them aboard. If they succeed, what happens to the rocks that are poised to go off?
The current high priest is just as dedicated to independence as her predecessors, but less fanatical about her religion. She’d like to use your voice to help spread her message.
Rumors persist that the 3rd planet is host to a secret research station that performs experiments on Drelexians abducted from Hera Draconis.

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