Thursday, April 3, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Corla

System Name: Corla
Sector: 12-5
Star Number & Type: 2 - G V (main sequence yellow), B III (blue giant)
Planet Number & Type: 8 - L, D, D, D, J, J, W, W
Inhabitants: Drelexians, Humanoids (bumpy forehead #13, red to orange skin tones)
Corla was the fourth system claimed by the Drelex Compact (come back on Wednesday for more). Lacking a habitable class H planet, they built a domed mining colony on the third planet of the system which supplies their fleet with significant quantities of rare metals. The orbiting processing plant also serves as a refueling station and trading post.

The outer system contains numerous independent miners working the moons of the jovians and the outer rocks. The Drelex Compact tolerates these activities since most of the profits are squandered at their station.

Adventure Seeds:
  • Fringe miners are protesting the exorbitant prices of the trading post, and the poor return for the ore they bring to sell. Several of the independent miners have formed a union and have the others all riled up. The Union doesn’t trust the Compact, and the Compact doesn’t much care.
  • The station’s ore processing facilities have been sabotaged, or at least that’s the rumor…
  • Due to the poor return on investment, many of the fringe miners have been cutting corners on regular maintenance… It’s only a matter of time till there’s an accident that takes out an entire operation.