Monday, April 28, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Xenon

System Name: Xenon
Sector: 7-2
Star Number & Type: 1 - M VII
Planet Number & Type: 5 - F, E, U, W, X
Inhabitants: Humanoids, primitive (bumpy forehead #99)
The dim red light of x shines upon a system that once teamed with life. Now it shines first on a desert world with a small population of primitive humanoids, the last remnants of a long lost colony. Next is a primitive world where the first multicellular plants and animals have developed. Third is a world ravaged by nuclear winter. An asteroid belt divides the system, and close to it is a large but airless rock. The outermost planet is a hell world of black volcanic glass mountains and lava seas. It glows almost as brightly as the star it distantly orbits.

Adventure Seeds:
  • Strange formations that look like cities and towns full of buildings seem to dot the surface of the hell world, but scans are inconclusive. Could it be that something actually lives on the planet?
  • Numerous weapons remain unlaunched on the third planet, and the nuclear/chemical/biological materials are of great interest to pirates.
  • The few remaining descendants of the colonists hide several artifacts deep in their caves, which they now worship as totems of the gods. One provides them with water, another is a broken cleaning robot that says “Cleanup deck 3, Roger Wilco!” every 47 minutes. They will go extinct within the next century if nothing is done for them.

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  1. I like the dying humanoid race idea. It would be interesting to interact in a game with a culture that has evolved a couple of stages further than where we are now.

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