Friday, April 4, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Delvi IV

System Name: Delvi IV
Sector: 3-4
Star Number & Type: 2 - B VII, B VII (white dwarf pair)
Planet Number & Type: 3 - I, F, D
Inhabitants: None
This rapidly orbiting pair of white dwarf stars will rip each other apart sometime in the next millenium or two. The pair are orbited by a super earth sized rock that was stripped of it’s atmosphere, a baked desert world, and a dark iceworld that orbits the binary pair once every 200 standard years. Delvi IV would be a completely unremarkable system to anyone but astronomers and physicists if it weren’t for the glass-like ruins on the middle planet.

Adventure Seeds:
  • The glass ruins have attracted archeologists, treasure hunters, and spiritual seekers, all hoping to find some precursor technology, writing, art, or anything but the glass ruins. Currently one of each group is exploring, and getting in each others way. The treasure hunters will fight dirty if they think someone else has found something. The seekers will attempt to banish everyone from their sacred place. The archaeologists are actually stranded, as their ship has broken, and they don’t have any way to fix it. Only the head of the expedition and the ship’s engineer knows.
  • Sensor readings sometimes say there’s something at least ship sized between the twin stars, but the gravitational forces would destroy any ship that tried to get into that position, let alone try to hold it.
  • The ruins, and the planet they’re found on, are only accessible for about 3 weeks every year when the rocky giant blocks a significant amount of the twin star’s intense radiation.

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