Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Mara VII

System Name: Mara VII
Sector: 6-3
Star Number & Type: 1 - A II
Planet Number & Type: 8 - D, D, F, J, D, M, T, T
Inhabitants: None
The harsh light of Mara VII burns starkly on the system’s inner planets. The first two are mass poor, too close to the star, and bathed in radiation. The only remotely habitable world is the 3rd from the star. While it managed to hold onto it’s atmosphere, it’s thin and the surface is nearly without water. Desert algae and some small bug-like plants are all that has managed to evolve. The system’s two gas giants pass another lifeless orb between them as they orbit the star, and a pair of methane-ice encased planets orbit slowly far from the stars heat.

Adventure Seeds:
  • A small station orbiting between the 3rd and 4th planets is the research lab of a scientist who has been working on tapping Mara VII’s energy to create wormholes. He’s succeeded in opening a portal that he can’t close.
  • The scientist is from the Drelex Compact. The station is supposed to be secret. It’s checked in on regularly, and if the wormhole can’t be closed, they’ll destroy the station and anyone on it...
  • Wait, what’s coming through the portal?
  • Wait, blowing up the station made the portal BIGGER?!?


  1. So for your A to Z challenge you're creating 26 new worlds? Are you writing things set in them as well?

    1. Hi Rhonda - That's right, 26 new worlds. I haven't written anything with them yet, mostly because I just created and wrote them up over the last couple of weeks. However, I do have some ideas, so we'll see.